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Hello everyone,
Today many of the sisters lost a loved one by the name of Cheryl Coleman, she was a lovely angel who always had her heart on God. We thank her for being her and for keeping most of us on the straight path.
Sometimes when you feel like you are alone, and you believe that you have no one to turn to because you seem to have burnt all your bridges with family and friends, please stop and think and know thatyou are not alone.It is not that bad and this too shall pass.

Infallible Testimony


Tamika Bradford
Tamika Bradford is a good student; always was. Getting out of high school with a solid GPA was easy for her. Getting out of prison and into academia proved more challenging.

“I graduated high school at 17,” Bradford begins. “I was in a program to be a flight attendant. I had a good life. No poverty in my background. Even in the courtroom, when judges and defenders looked at my case, nothing made sense to them about how I ended up where I did.”
“I’m sharing my story now to let women know you can break the cycle, but it can’t be done alone, on your own.

Needs and the difference between women and men who are incarcerated

There are three essential needs that a woman must have to be successful upon her release. 
Home- she needs a home so that she can have somewhere secure to rest her head, something to call her own and something to keep her out of harms way, this will keep her on the right path.
Job- she needs a job to support her, to be able to get her the other necessities that she needs and desires on a day to day basis.  Having a job will not only make her successful but also responsible upon her release.

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Flying Angel
Infallible Testimony
Needs and the difference between women and men who are incarcerated


Flying Angel
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