Infallible Helping Hands Inc. - Pulled from them for them
 Infallible Helping Hands Inc.
 Another chance in the perfect hands
IHHI works diligently towards providing valuable services for
 people who are dedicated to changing and improving their lives; this achievement is attainable through education and by joining a strong support network. Further, IHHI also devotes  time towards building and forming a network of supporters, which can contribute to our mission in helping others.    
        Re-Entry Assistance Program for former offenders
      Specializing in aiding women and their children, we steer our families towards an enlightened path that will lead them in the right direction. We have a "By Us, For Us" Philosophy. This means that the staff that work with you were once in the same shoes as our clients are currently in.
Infallible Helping Hands Inc. was created in 2009 to address a critical and unmet need: providing training, employment, supportive services, and vocational direction to former offenders returning to society. Infallible Helping Hands Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.
To remove simple barriers to safe and permanent re-entry through pre-release planning, employment, education and a positive support network. To provide female former offenders the tools and opportunities that allows them to become productive members of society.
Infallible's target constituency are former female adult offenders who possess a felony or misdemeanor on their criminal records. 
Infallible Helping Hands Inc. was created to:
  1. To remove barriers for former offenders
  2. Fill the gap in local workforce programs and services
  3. Provide support services to female former offenders
  4. Provide real transitional job opportunities
  5. Eventually self-fund through enterprising efforts
  6. Offer these services to other agencies